The Vacation

Every so often I get a case of reading fatigue – where I literally can’t sit still long enough to read a page. It happened again just last week when I was trying to finish up a couple of books I got from the Book of the Month club (BOTM). Try as I might, I could NOT get more than 50 pages in.

I decided to set them aside for a bit and find something else. So last Saturday, I took a stroll around the library and something new caught my eye. I’ve read one of T. M. Logan’s previous books (Lies), and it was pretty wild, so I decided to give The Vacation a go. It was just the thing I needed to get back in the reading mood. I was a few pages in when I realized I had to finish it the SAME DAY.

People say not to judge a book by its cover, and I know this is usually said in a metaphorical sense, but it’s totally true. Ever notice how book covers are always changing? Instead, I prefer to judge whether or not I’ll like a book by it’s inside flap that includes the synopsis. It usually just takes a brief overview for me to know whether or not I should take it and run or stick it back on the shelf.

Part of The Vacation’s description includes an affair, decades-old friendships, secrets, and a killing. If that doesn’t capture the attention of a crime junkie, what will?

Title: The Vacation
Author: T. M. Logan
Rating: An All-nighter
Genre: Thriller
Page Count: 374
Published: 2019

The story takes place over a week when four life-long best friends meet up at a vacation house in France with their families. Just when you think the story is focused around one thing – Kate trying to figure out which of her “friends” is sleeping with her husband – the plot branches out and spreads like a wildfire. Almost everyone on the trip is keeping secrets – some more perilous than others.

It’s told from multiple viewpoints, which adds to the suspense because the reader finds out some of the juicy secrets before the protagonist and supporting characters.

Above all, it makes you think about how you’d react when faced with the same challenges. Would you lie to protect the ones you love? Or does the truth always set you free?

Nothing is really as it seems. Sometimes even the front flap synopsis is meant to throw you off. Be prepared to stay up all night to finish the book.

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