Your Fully Charged Life

A coincidence is a sort of random accidental event that feels like it was meant to happen. Say, for instance, that you’re reading a book and come across the name Mary and 10 seconds later your phone rings and it’s your cousin Mary, who you haven’t talked to in ages. Things like that happen frequently, and we usually just smile and move on. Synchronicity is a deeper, more meaningful coincidence that forces us to pay attention; it’s not just random, it’s the universe letting us know when we’re on the right path.

I often experience synchronicities, which prompted me to look deeper into research done by Deepak Chopra, Carl, Jung, and several other experts. It really is amazing and awe-inspiring. I’d encourage anyone interested in forming a deeper connection with God, the universe, Mother Nature – whatever you call your higher power – to at least do a quick Google search on it.

I’m starting with this because I believe the universe was telling me to read Meaghan B Murphy’s book. I first learned about it when I was reading a copy of Women’s Day, which I randomly picked up at the grocery store because it had a pretty picture of a heart-shaped cake on the cover. There was a good story called “Love thy cashier” written by the content director of the magazine and a plug for her new book, Your Fully Charged Life. I kind of smiled and moved on. Later, I popped on to Instagram, and the first photo to greet me was Candace Cameron Bure holding up a copy of Your Fully Charged Life. Wait, hadn’t I heard of that before? The next day I went to Barnes and Noble in search of the book The Perfect Marriage – I didn’t find that, but instead, Your Fully Charged Life was beaming at me in its bright orange glory. Okay, universe, you got me.

Title: Your Fully Charged Life
Author: Meaghan B Murphy
Rating: The Spark You Need
Genre: Self-Help
Page Count: 231
Published: 2021

I don’t always see the positives in a situation (especially when I’m having a gray day), I absolutely hate the color orange, and a bad morning can ruin my entire day. Meaghan totally wrote her book for people like me. When she was growing up, everything used to bother her and her childhood nickname was actually Neggy. In her late teens, a tragic event shifted her spirit, and slowly, over time, she morphed into the beautiful lively being we “know” today, with an orange couch and a wardrobe filled with lightning bolt clothing.

A lot of the suggestions to live a happier life are so simple and easy to adopt. I love that she says meditation is not for her because, after about 5 minutes of sitting still, it’s really not for me either. In chapters such as The Work Charge and The Health Charge, she provides ideas for making the shift from gray to yay! While none of the suggestions are revolutionary, they’re still golden advice: health is wealth, sleep is your superpower, kindness is magic, and pivot when purpose runs dry.

Meaghan provides a lot of examples of people living positively charged and she herself can be found living it up on Instagram @MeaghanBMurphy. It somehow helps to know that someone negative did a complete 180 with her life – looking at her social media, you’d never know that she was a former Debbie Downer, a right Negative Nancy. And yes, of course, social media doesn’t always showcase the truth, but something about Meaghan makes you believe that she is the real deal. Maybe it’s because she was appointed Chief Spirit Officer of her town…by the mayor!

While this is a good, short read for anyone feeling a little down in the dumps, I’d highly recommend it to parents. Drawing on her experience juggling work and home school during the pandemic, Meaghan lists ways parents can cope and help their kids during difficult times. Each chapter ends with a summary on how to Charge and there’s a full chapter on Recharging – which I know I desperately need at the end of the day. Overall, it was a nice, light read that inspired me to wear some clothing outside of the gray spectrum.

So, are you ready to live Fully Charged?

Grab this book if you’re feeling a little down. It’s filled with helpful tips to turn your days from gray to yay in no time. With chapters such as The Health Charge and The Work Charge, you’ll learn ways to make each day a little brighter. While none of this information is revolutionary, it’s still a helpful reminder to live your best life and be the light for someone else.

If you liked this book, you might enjoy: any of the Badass books by Jen Sincero.

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