Win The Day

I’ve read many books on habits and productivity because the reinforcement of common themes is always appreciated and needed. About three weeks ago I started a new old job (read more about that here) and that meant commuting to the office, which I haven’t done in about 9 months. When searching for a new book about creating positive habits (mainly in order to revamp my mornings), I stumbled upon Win the Day by Mark Batterson, who just happens to be one of my go-to self-help authors.

Note: This author is pastor of National Community Church in Washington, DC and his writing has a Christian flair to it, meaning that he mentions God pretty frequently. If you’re okay with this, read on. If not, you might want to check out a more secular book on habits such as Atomic Habits by James Clear (a fantastic read).

Title: Win the Day: 7 Daily Habits to Help You Stress Less & Accomplish More
Author: Mark Batterson
Rating: A Must-Read
Genre: (Christian) Self-Help
Page Count: 256
Published: 2020

I found this book to be much different from Batterson’s others, which is always refreshing. While he does mention a few of the central characters and themes from some of his previous books, it’s mostly filled with new content – stories and anecdotes of successful people who’ve developed good habits. This book is basically a how-to guide for us to replicate these positive behaviors and establish our own good habits to help us win the day, the week, the year, and life in general. You’ll learn how to change your life by changing your story, that it’s important to do the hard things first, to always enjoy the moment, and much more. No matter what habit we’re trying to establish, it just takes a few simple steps compounded daily for us to become better versions of ourselves. So easy, right?

This was a great motivational read. Batterson is a master storyteller and in his latest book, he makes change seem easy. I also loved the tidbits of historical info interspersed within the pages! The writing is so encouraging and down to earth – you can’t go wrong by picking up this book.

If you’re a fan of Mark Batterson or Christian Self-Help in general, you’ll definitely want to add this book to your list. Get motivated to change some of your daily habits so you can win your day, your year, and your life!

If you liked this book, you might enjoy: Atomic Habits by James Clear.

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